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  •  Maddie: 

    I think it looks like there's another one just below but the face looks more worn but the cut of the top of the rock looks the same shape 

     130 days ago 
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  •  mothman: 

    It's a hoax you can see that the color of the sand in the backround isn't the right color of on Mars for example search up any other pictures from the mars rover and you will find that the other sand is a darker color.

     170 days ago 
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  •  Taeko: 

    I looked at this object as a remote viewing target. It really looks like a statue head damaged.  From the image it is difficult to get the perspective, but the head is about 5 feet from what is left of the chin to the top of the head.  The top is hidden by another rock.  I summoned my channel Y'kao who came.  She said this is rubble from the great war.

     195 days ago 
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  •  chrisellis: 

    I hope they can find more photo's at different times of day and at different angles. it cool lokking.

     195 days ago 
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  •  En-Lugal: 

    Looks like something you'd find right here on Earth.

     196 days ago 
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