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    Ahem, this could be due to the jittery hand of the person holding the video camera that causes all the movements, it could be a "prop" of some kind, I do not believe that "extraterrestials" manufacture anything like that, it has "no aerodynamic shape" is not in the form of a "DISK" that would allow "interplanetary travel" and the like, I really do not know what to make of it, I suspect strongly it is a "weather balloon" or some type of device that is born aloft by "lighter gas" why it disappeared I do not know perhaps it "floated up" or was "triggered by a fuse" causing an explosion of hydrogen gas while the observer was looking away, or it is simply a model out in someone's backyard, that he filmed from below giving it the appearance of being airborne and moving, trick photography could also be another explanation, clearly it is an "unexplained flying object" but this does not mean it is "unexplainable"!
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