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  •  Graeme69: 

    i would have to say that they could possibly be the fish stuck within the ice of Antartica that i have seen there and are from the ancient past. in my many out of body experiences the size of that fish is approximately the same size but there re even bigger ones then that as that is just the baby. But that is just going on what i see in the pictures provided. Yes it is very Biblical in fact, so much so that it took me 21 years to eventually come to terms with it.

     24 days ago 
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  •  OddDuck: 
    I would agree with the leviathan angle as well. I don't think our earth is millions of years old honestly I would have to assume that this was a dweller of depths unknown and recently died. Gosh it is a discovery that only God knows truly what we are looking at.
     234 days ago 
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  •  Petro_Glyph: 
    It's a long fish. It is decomposed into gelatinous foam and gassy bloated rotting flesh. It's floating because it's bloated and has most likely exploded as dead bloated things in water do shortly after surfacing. The crocodile tail is most likely inner cartilage or skeleton of the lower spine, or the backbone near the posterior. It could be anything from an oarfish to a dolphin to what is left of a whale.
     239 days ago 
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  •  Izen_G: 
    This is what's left of a female Liopleurodon. Minus the head and most of the neck.
     242 days ago 
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  •  Dave_Wielhouwer: 
    I agree with the Leviathan angle. the bible talks of giant creatures that lurked the sea 2500 years ago. Who's to say there aren't a few still out there. Its been said we have only researched 5% of our oceans and only a half % of the deep areas of the ocean. Who knows what is out there. I think if we really knew, we would think twice about going there. I have heard sonar operators in the Navy talk or write about spooky things they have picked up that they A. knew were not whales, and B were not other subs. So they have come across giant things thousands of feet below the surface.
     247 days ago 
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