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  •  robinsteele: 
    WTF ?? can you please share what you have been smoking on. have a great day king butt plug.
     425 days ago 
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    Well as you can see we are "coming to take your insane kings" away, HAHA, to the funny farm, believe it or not, just a while ago I was taken there, because I did correctly state that "secret kings" do exist in the United States of America, and for that I was "questioned about my sanity" but I know what I read in their literature and they "claim to be kings" so why should I not "indulge their vanity" just a little and admit, yes, they are kings, of matter but not of spirit!

    These "materialistic kings" will "MURDER FOR POWER AND FOR MONEY", and have done so throughout history but until the PERSON who was defamed speaks up, no one will believe it!

    SO I WILL ASSERT, you have the proof, we are going to take your "insane global monarchy" to the funny farm for they are "very funny people" and even the "butler of the british princess" did claim he was "working in the household" of the "criminally insane" sometimes I trust the "judgment" of the common people in Great Britain more than the monarchy for they DO NOT HAVE TO "SWEAR AN EVIL OATH" in order to stay in power and therefore they "clearly perceive" the sins of their kings, while the "kings can do no wrong" or so they say therefore while they did admit to "punishing unruly independence loving people" in India, this does not justify the killing or gang raping of a swiss person male or female in INDIA, and I am "calling on these hooligans" to stop or go to hell! One injustice does not justify another injustice and never has therefore be prepared for a "regime change" for it is coming these are my "Shock TROOPS" they are coming to "take away the secret society" that has "infiltrated and taken over the globe"!
     547 days ago 
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