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  •  Barbara: 

    I agree Lorin


     235 days ago 
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  •  Lorin-666: 

    About the "black triangle", I believe in these, as so many people have seen them. All  reports/ accoounts of these are the same.  This leads me to believe, this is real, and possiblythe same craft. I, do wonder if these black triangles are not US Govt. Back-engineered new test plane/craft... I wouldn't put it  past the US Govt to come up with something like that. In the mid 60's Lockheed created the SR-71.   Monumental, still for a jet to this day, (as far as we know). Who knows what the Russians, Chinese, &who knows, WHO else, could have come up with something new like this. I do, however, think this "smells" of the US Govt.  I hope I did not offend anyone with my opinion, but that's just about what  I think.


     240 days ago 
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