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  •  Rickstina: 

    This is an amazing find.  God has made us in his likeness which means we all have the knowLedge we need to figure things out.  Since it appears he was very intelligent I would start looking from the finished product to the front, things may just start to fall into place for you this way.  Don't be afraid to thing wildly, and to think simply, keep you mind open and let your heart lead your quest for what this is.

     117 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 

    Now THIS is a an awesome find!

    That is some seriously wild stuff. All obviously pre-internet efforts and like he/she…it, was trying to put pieces together of where they were in time and space as opposed to just trying to create maps to sell or share. We live on this tiny, little layer of balanced information and sanity – The truth is, things like are a reminder of why disclosure may never happen willingly. I believe the truth of God is more than any human brain can fathom and the truth of alien life and visitations fit that description as well. (One not cancelling out the other.)

     287 days ago 
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