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  •  Tanvir_Singh: 

    The thing above the patient does not have a specific shape like any thing......

    Its really a demon or not is a big question.......

    When the footage was taken where the security and other staff members........ Why didnt they react as soon as they saw.

     24 days ago 
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  •  Noel_Melton: 

    I put this pix under zoom , and the right arm looks like a robot / drum type shoulder, take a long good look under zoom, the arm is also longer , and the joints looks like robot, but  the rest looks human sort of, human hair, with what looks like a great hair style, a pro wave to it..the chest area is all messed up, cant tell W.T.F.  is going on there, just a mass...but the legs and head are plain enough, the hand looks like a claw, feet maybe as well, ie...hoofs..?  this one is for the horror movies and books fir sure...creepy...!!!

     156 days ago 
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  •  sanctuaryfarm: 

    What is the blurry image in the mirror above the sink, top left?

     199 days ago 
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  •  Barbara_Snowberger: 

    Perhaps an ancestor?! or perhaps a chimp she cared for sometme during her life? 

     209 days ago 
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