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    I noticed how it was "in the clouds" at first, so that excludes a Mockup unless it is done with artificial water vapor presenting clouds, it looks like the video is being focused in a little later and then he loses sight of it, or it simply vanishes, all I can say about it, is that it is not "one of our universal space craft" for we do not make space craft with those types of shapes!
    This does not mean it could not belong to a "grey alien civilization" spaceship if they are all I have to say is that "these little green men" are very busy creating all kinds of interesting experiences for everyone to enjoy and if they "really do exist" they must have a "very bad case of severe sex obsession" for they "abduct people to satisfy their cravings for sex" anyone that is willing to "violate UNIVERSAL CODE" for this purpose must be "pretty hard up" mentally INMHO!
     550 days ago 
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  •  Killion: 
    Could be an unmanned drone of some sort, military, security, definitely out of control, but ya, does seem to be shifting shape, so thats out.... I immediately, first reaction, was "hoax", but to what end, for what purpose? Far removed from the usual disc shapes, tubes, balls of light. Definite anomaly, perhaps interdimensional... inexplicable.
     560 days ago 
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