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  •  tim8068: 

    i'm from england,and back in the late nineties there was a spate of crop circles in fields around nuneaton in the midlands,where i live.. they made the news,and were even authenticated by so called experts. how i laughed. The crop circles were actually all made by a bunch of friends of mine,who would,after a night in the pub,go out into fields and make them for a laugh.

     They used a central pole,with a rope attatched to get perfect circles,and strapped "stomping boards" to the soles of their feet which were about two feet long. This allowed them to flatten the corn down without leaving any marks or foot prints.. They made some pretty complex patterns to be fair,and took them hours to do. i even saw videos they made of themselves doing it. looked great fun!

     i'm not narrow minded,so i'm not trying to dispell all crop circles as hoaxes,but this is true in this case. after all,truth is what the black vault is all about,right?

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