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  •  XVAMPX: 
    I think this "X" shaped craft Elden is referring to is this: - Nasa updates were later posted, in which they claimed it to be a collision of two asteroids. However, I do not feel that this is a collision of two objects, reason is, is because there is only one visible trail of debris. Also, I am going to run so image enhancers of the Black Knight, see what happens :)
     378 days ago 
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  •  Administrator: 
    Not entirely sure what you mean by the "X" "Craft" ? Can you explain more, or offer a link? I can definitely look into it, or create a case file for it....

    Looking forward to it!
     380 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 
    This is very compelling and definitely starts getting the mind excited to start researching the "Black Knight" satellite story. Remember that "X" "Craft" seen in space by NASA? Any relation??? Amazing stuff.
     380 days ago 
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