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  •  Taeko: 

    I used this video image as a remote viewing target.  This video is not real.  It is misinformation and Victor is ninja.  There are only two shoot downs that I have been able to view. A Reptilian craft was shot down at the battle of Los Angeles in February 1942 by the US Army.  The crew was dead when recovered.  Another Reptilian craft was shot down by the RAF in Holland about 1988.  Some of the crew lived for a short time.  The Reptilians were not happy about it,  and all the large triangle craft seen at that time were a show of force.  The Roswel crash was an accident.  The crew were EBENS from Zeta Reticuli, one of them survived. The EBENS are not Grays  or hybids.   Everything in that case was taken to Wright Field in Ohio.


     260 days ago 
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  •  Lilithwins: 

    Crafts in rosewell were struck by lighting, there were 4 entities on board (and all of them are hybrids), when brazel found them 3 of ets were already dead and 1 was alive.
    later one who survived was living in many military complexes for 5aditional years, and has died on earth.

     310 days ago 
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    The claim the "craft was shot down" is another case of "misinformation" clearly our defensive weapons are such, that we "CANNOT BE SHOT DOWN" nor can we be exploded even by nuclear ordinance, therefore the claim our "SHIPS" were shot down clearly shows, that all other correct identifications of superior technology, would be incorrect all those times when the radar lock ons malfunctioned and all those cases when the guidance systems of missiles were jammed due to electromagnetic interference, would then be considered "LIES OR MISPERCEPTIONS" clearly I consider that "unlikely if not impossible" to claim the US HAS SHOT DOWN ALIEN CRAFT is "spurious" unbelievable and "perhaps makes some people feel good" but is "clearly unrealistic and "stupid" in the end! To believe that would mean that you stand a chance in an actual war with ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE, such "false hope" I will now destroy by stating we are as far superior to you humans as you are to the "TUAREG REBELS IN MALI" if not more, and it did not take the Foreign Legion of France very long to take back that part of Mali, did it now?
    Which shows that the Tyranny of the weak is at work here, the only reason we allow you still to govern yourself, is because you are "protected" or oppressed by a "secret combination of kings" that is "secretly controlled by evil aliens from outer space", that is all folks, so in effect you are "controlled by evil aliens" but they are so well disguised as "a philanthropic institution" you simply do not recognize that they are "sponsored by evil aliens from outer space"!

     572 days ago 
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    This is a "very well manufactured fake", of an alien that corresponds with the "GREYS" features of big heads, big eyes, and big Skull, such a form of alien life, simply does not exist in the UNIVERSE folks, and I hate to let you down on this one, but let's look at it with reason, if we really wanted to "bust people out" that are "kept prisoner like that" in a secret governmental vault, we could "do so in a heart beat", be reasonable folks, if this had been a "real alien life form" he would have been "rescued within minutes" by fellow aliens from outer space and "AREA 51 WOULD HAVE BEEN BLOWN UP TO PIECES AFTERWARDS", for keeping alien life forms in bondage there! We do not have "technological superiority" for nothing folks, to "feed people such trash" is "really not worth the effort" but it is part of the "MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN" that is going on, Lazar, is a prime example for a "well meaning perhaps" but thoroughly discredited person who clearly is not a "PHD" nor has he been studying at a "PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY" as he claimed, such "liars" and I will call them liars here, do not add to "genuine research" about alien life forms, you could get more information from me about "EXTRATERRESTIAL LIFE" than from that "grey looking green alien" they dressed up to act like a "HUMAN BEING" foaming at the mouth, that is not "how aliens" act folk, not even when they are sick, and the facial features clearly represent alien features in science fiction movies, it is a "very well cleverly disguised hoax" but it is a "HOAX" nevertheless, the only reason the GOVERNMENT allows these pictures to be shown, is to "sow misinformation" about aliens and to "protect freedom of speech and of the press" supposedly but the ACTUAL ALIEN CONSPIRACY THE AASROF is still "considered" off limits for "public confirmation"!
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  •  PeeWee: 
    For me its clearly another Video that shows our Military or Goverment are up to no good.
    I understand the importance of things being kept a secret. I just hope one day they come clean about they are up to. After all its our money thats paying for these Black Projects.
     685 days ago 
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