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  •  beijou: 
    Amazing video - just one more piece to the unfathamable mosiac that is now taking place. If its true we create our own reality - why choose to believe its negative - my belief is there is Light in the end of the tunnel.
     397 days ago 
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    Looks very interesting, suicidal aliens "self destruction" why would any "intelligent space race" do such a thing unless they like the masons were involved in "world takeover" activity and like to show us how this "world will finally end" destroyed by "volcanic activity" due to the fact that the masons refuse to admit to their own wickedness and refuse to acknowledge they "did not create" nor do they own this planet they merely "conquered it" by military force, which gives them "absolutely no right" to destroy any of its "living flora, fauna" or any of its inhabitants for that matter, for matter really does not matter, but spirit is the "ONLY LIFE"!

    Therefore all I have to say about this video is that I am constantly being gagged and told what I can and cannot do on this site and it really is not fair, but is to be expected on a world that is controlled by those who "secretly have mass murdered people" by the millions and then "covered up the evil deeds" and claimed that "CRAZY NAZIS" did them or insane "PHILANTHROPISTS" perhaps, but their "own secret society" NO WAY, that is "sacrosanct" just like the "POPE" at one time was or still is "INFALLIBLE" so also the "secret societies" of this planet are the NEW ALMIGHTY, for they did "create the almighty dollar" and anyone that "creates such a powerful currency" must be "a GOD OF THIS WORLD"!

    WORSHIP YOUR OWN KINGS YOU FOOLS, otherwise they will "cut your throat" from ear to ear, so that is my comment on this video, any person that can "escape the worship" of "materialism and matter" should try to live like I live, but if not, for your own good, WORSHIP THE EVIL ALIENS that come from outer space that have "given the kings" higher magic to "incincerate Japanese residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki" for "WHO CAN FIGHT THE BEAST" and if I do, fight the beast that is, can I slay the dragon? PERHAPS BUT WHO WILL HELP ME IN THIS, MR GREENEWALD ALREADY SAID NO, anyone else wants to "volunteer" for the task?
     550 days ago 
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