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  •  Tailoft79: 
    well it's not like the media to come out with a false story to cover something up now is it? If you actually read the story there is no reference to what toy it is, where to get it, or even how it works. (Strange). Also... if you look into it you will find that these UFO Solar Tubes that they are referring to, are made of black garbage bags. The way that they work is by the sunlight hitting the "black" plastic and causing the air molecules inside it to lose density, thus making the tube become lighter than air. It's pretty basic science. It's also basic fact that the higher into the sky you go the more turbulance and wind. If this "clear" tube was somehow able to heat the molecules in the bag (impossible), it still wouldn't have been able to stay still in the air. It would be waving back and forth like a kite no matter what altitude it is at. And if this thing was seen from many different locations it wouldn't look the same from each spot. Light would reflect through it differently. If the media thinks it needs to explain a kids toy floating in the air then you have to look behind what they are telling you. There's a reason they made the report.
     369 days ago 
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  •  J_DiRT: 
    This was found to be a kids toy
     656 days ago 
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