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MILITARY BOMBERS ENCOUNTER ALIEN DISC OVER UTAH JULY 16, 1947    .......    SALT FLATS, UTAH I was a member of the United States Air Force at the time that I saw nine flying discs. I dutifully reported my sighting to the Operations Section at Travis Air Force Base as had been directed by the Senio…
16181 days ago
From falcon51
From YouTube User looknowtv Cigar-shaped UFO caught on video at Utah Canyons, February 2014. This is not far from Area 51 and close to Nevada. There are many interesting places like Brice Canyon National Park. This was exactly where this video was recorded. This tape was exclusively turned into u…
79 days ago
Bryce Canyon, Bryce Canyon, United States
Description: I was driving southbound on Utah State Road 65 from the East Canyon Reservoir area (Wasatch mountains) toward Salt Lake City/Interstate 80 enjoying the autumn leaves on Oct 8th, 2013 at approximately 4:30 to 5 PM MDT. Relatively few cars were on the winding mountain road and the sky was…
195 days ago
Utah State Road 65, Salt Lake City, United States