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High resolution animation available below... Taken by Richard Schmidt on December 1, 2013 @ Burleith Observatory, Washington, DC Details: While imaging sunspots we observed a fast-moving satellite with a long boom arm crossing the field of view. This sequence spans 36 milliseconds of real time. T…
263 days ago
Burleith Observatory, WASHINGTON D.C., United States
I caught this object while taking pictures of the sunset last week (9/25?}. I never saw it until I viewed the photos. I thought it could be ISON but not sure. I know the moon came up behind me in the east shortly after as I caught pictures of it also. I saw an article that lead me to 'The Black V…
329 days ago
Tamp, FL, Tampa, United States
From cbvapor
At Exit 4 Truck Stop, in Hudson, Wisconsin, off I94, at about 10:30 PM at night, I was in a friend's truck outside in the parking lot of the truck stop, when a glowing light started to fill the sky above us, it was like a beacon coming closer and closer until it filled the whole space above the truc…
6395 days ago
Exit 4 Truck Stop, Hudson, United States