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UFO Sightings Daily Note: This is an intriguing video and it has a chat area attached to a live cam. This cam catches everything that passes between it and the moon, from birds, planes, all the way to fleets of UFOs. Look at the enlargement above. These UFOs are moving faster than any bird, balloon …
124 days ago
Description: Hope this finds you well! Here’s a new submission for review please of new footage shot from my apt in Newport Beach CA on March 18 to March 26, 2014. The objects were filmed on March 18 through March 26, 2014 from my deck in Newport Beach, CA. The video covers 20+ UFO captures filme…
150 days ago
Apartment in Newport Beach CA, Newport Beach, United States
Description: I saw hovering red lights. Then after about a half hour they appeared to blow up with light. Then they took off SILENTLY, and looked like comets when they flew away.  
252 days ago
Crater Lake National Park, Klamath Falls, United States
UFO Popocatepetl - December 5, 2013 - 05:44 There have been at least 3 other videos of unknown objects entering the Mt. Popo volcano in the last two years. All were taken from the CENAPRED camera that monitors the volcano's activity. The one shown below is very recent, taken on the 5th of December…
261 days ago
Mt Popocatepetl , Puebla, Mexico
A recent UFO sighting video has captured the imagination of enthusiasts and skeptics alike. First uploaded by Streetcap1, the UFO sighting video captures what appears to be a dark object hovering amidst the clouds above the ocean. Some enthusiasts, like UFO Sightings Daily founder Scott Waring, be…
270 days ago
NASA / Space, Houston, United States
I went outside of my work to smoke a cigarette. I was standing there smoking when a bright greenish light caught my attention. After watching it for a moment, I noticed it seemed to be getting a transfer of light from below it... I took out my cell phone and started recording what I was seeing. I …
308 days ago
Outside at night, Munford, United States