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When I was growing up in the early 1980's in surbarban Sri Lanka I remember playing in our garden. It was around 7:45PM and the sun had set; when I came to a large flower bed I noticed a glowing object lying on the ground through the dense vegetation. The object was somewhat similar to the one in th…
12651 days ago
From maxpain12
By Nicholas C. | Yahoo Newsroom Over the years, we've seen countless of videos and reports about nightmarish monsters getting spotted doing monster things. Like, for example, this dragon was spotted flying over England. Or thismermaid-like thing which was spotted in Spain. Or this 18-foot creature …
274 days ago
Somewhere on land, Unknown, Vietnam
The following was submitted to MUFON: Got home from work about 7:45 and brought the dog out to walk it. I noticed a light that resembled a planet (as it was brighter than a star) and looked away. I then saw what appeared to be a shooting star that emitted a bright light and I looked up again and sa…
318 days ago
I was recording a video of a thunderstorm that was passing south of my home. I left the camera outside for a 20 minute recording on a tripod while I returned inside of my home. I didnt realize that an object was recorded until after I reviewed the video clip on my computer. It appeared around 5 minu…
398 days ago
Filming a lightning storm, Toms River, United States
At Exit 4 Truck Stop, in Hudson, Wisconsin, off I94, at about 10:30 PM at night, I was in a friend's truck outside in the parking lot of the truck stop, when a glowing light started to fill the sky above us, it was like a beacon coming closer and closer until it filled the whole space above the truc…
6396 days ago
Exit 4 Truck Stop, Hudson, United States