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I caught this object while taking pictures of the sunset last week (9/25?}. I never saw it until I viewed the photos. I thought it could be ISON but not sure. I know the moon came up behind me in the east shortly after as I caught pictures of it also. I saw an article that lead me to 'The Black V…
342 days ago
Tamp, FL, Tampa, United States
From cbvapor
Stationary UFO sphere photographed resting on a cloud in the sunset over Denmarks third biggest city, Odense, September 13, 2009 7.36 pm local time. I was on my way home on a bicycle trip from a visit with my mom and had my new Sony Alpha 100 reflex camera (standard 18-70mm lens) with me, not to tak…
1815 days ago
Open field, Odense, Denmark
From UFOphotos