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BLACK SAUCER SHAPED UFO SPOTTED IN ARLINGTON, TEXAS  MARCH 24, 2014     .....     ARLINGTON, TEXAS  I was traveling south. One block south of me and traveling north toward me, a dark grey and black saucer-shaped craft topped the hill. It was as wide as the three lanes of traffic and had two red tr…
23 days ago
From falcon51
AMAZING OBJECT WITNESSED OVER ALLENTOWN NEW JERSEY OCTOBER 9, 2006    .......    ALLENTOWN, NEW JERSEY Multicolored fiberoptic looking sphere.The object first caught my attention, because the sky was so clear, you could see everything.The object seen first looked like an extroardnarily bright star…
2746 days ago
From falcon51
4/25/13 9:15 pm Leonardo NJ Circles /spheres 1-2 minutes  Two very large spheres/circles sat motionless in the sky over the Sandy Hook Bay near the end or Earl Navel station high in the sky as we looked north towards New York City.  They were very large (I estimate their size to be roughly half the …
356 days ago
Leonardo NJ USA, Leonardo, United States
From ci46
Please note: MULTIPLE high resolution photos can be downloaded via the link below.   I attended an airshow at the New Garden Flying Field on Saturday, August 24, 2013. A friend, his wife, and I had set up lawn chairs at the far southwest area of the field to watch the show. My camera is a Canon EO…
235 days ago
New Garden Flying Field, Toughkenamon, United States
Stationary UFO sphere photographed resting on a cloud in the sunset over Denmarks third biggest city, Odense, September 13, 2009 7.36 pm local time. I was on my way home on a bicycle trip from a visit with my mom and had my new Sony Alpha 100 reflex camera (standard 18-70mm lens) with me, not to tak…
1676 days ago
Open field, Odense, Denmark
From UFOphotos