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I had an HD camera attached to a small RC quadcopter waiting to launch. The video was active, and took a portion of the sky as I was waiting to launch the device. The unknown object in the distance was only noticed when we were processing the video. (Eyewitness Note: The object is at such a distan…
132 days ago
While flying RC quadcopter, Delly, United States
CLOSE ENCOUNTER AT PEASE AIR FORCE BASE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE SEPTEMBER 15, 1965   .....   PEASE AFB   EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE A) Description of Object 1) round 2) baseball 3) bright red 4) five red lights in a row 5) lights were close together and moved as one object.  Extremely bright red.  Description…
261 days ago
PEASE AFB, EXETER, United States
From falcon51