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Description: My girlfriend runs early every morning and around 5 AM she captured this red object near the moon.   Note: It is not known if the witness saw the object or only discovered it when viewing the photos. The report was received “second-hand.” We are trying to find out if the witness actua…
250 days ago
While running, East Helena, United States
Description: The witness recovered the above debris from a freshly plowed field in the summer of 1966. He had plowed the field the previous day. He noticed a bright silver mass in the field the next day. He said that the debris looked like someone had packed it into a waste basket and then dumped it…
16305 days ago
Summer, 1966 – Granite Creek, Montana, Granite Creek, United States
Hi Bill: I have interesting Google Earth 2013 images again from the Bitter Root Valley. New activity is noted again. Attached are a few screen shots from my IPad 3. I tried to get the latest satellite images. From what I can see from our yard it is from about a month ago. Please note the object from…
368 days ago