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Alien Slime Found at Somerset Nature Reserve after Meteor StrikePublished February 19, 2013 By DOMINIC GOVER, International Business Times Experts are examining a mysterious slime in a Somerset nature reserve in the wake of a meteor strike thousands of miles away in Russia. Translucent goo which …
575 days ago
Ham Well Nature Reserve, Avalon Marshes, Somerset, United Kingdom
Description: The sky lit up completely blue or blue-green today Jan. 11, 2014 at approx. 6:45 am. Shortly after the power went out in our home and many others locally. I spoke with many people who were traveling in their cars that had also noticed the light. It lit the entire sky with a blue to blue…
249 days ago
Rural area in the “thumb” of Michigan, Peck, United States
Description: Hello. Today, November 20th, 2013 I was on my way to work when my boss called and told me we weren’t working at the previous location. So I turned around and was driving from Aloha to Beaverton on TV highway and saw something burning in the sky and what looked like a star came out of it…
301 days ago
Aloha to Beaverton, Beaverton , United States
Rewritten from the Hammond Times Section A-5; Mon, Sept 19, 1966   Meteor Vaporized Marion, Ind. (AP) - The giant meteor that exploded over the midwest apparently vaporized before it struck a farm field near here. Experts hunted through a soy bean field all day Sunday without finding any trace o…
16330 days ago