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RUSSIAN NAVY ENCOUNTERS HUMANOIDS AND USO'S AUGUST 6, 2009     RUSSIAN NAVY ENCOUNTERS The objects were moving through water at over 420km/h, and divers 50 meters deep in a lake saw humanoids in silver suits.  After the British Ministry of Defence published documentation about UFO research a few m…
1850 days ago
From falcon51
This video was submitted to The Black Vault, with no description other than it is a human hybrid. The question is a hybrid of what? The video is in Chinese, a language which I do not speak, so I have no idea what it says. I am posting this video in hopes someone may be able to shed some light to i…
317 days ago
China, Unknown, China
Publicado   por  LUJÁN ARCHIVOS OVNI                 A very important official, Major-General V. Demyanko, commander of the Military Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense, USSR. He arrived to inform the local officers of an extraordinary event the had occurred during simila…
411 days ago
Underwater, Unknown, Russia