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NOVEMBER 1992        BUZAU, ROMANIA In a November night, in 1992, three military helicopters encountered an unidentified aerial phenomenon. The airplanes accomplished a night flight in "triangle" from Buzau to Urziceni, with return after passing Mizil. The weather was ideal for flying, with unusual…
7975 days ago
Buzau to Urziceni, BUZAU, Romania
From falcon51
At Exit 4 Truck Stop, in Hudson, Wisconsin, off I94, at about 10:30 PM at night, I was in a friend's truck outside in the parking lot of the truck stop, when a glowing light started to fill the sky above us, it was like a beacon coming closer and closer until it filled the whole space above the truc…
6407 days ago
Exit 4 Truck Stop, Hudson, United States