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ALIEN CRAFT SHADOWS MILITARY EXERCISES NEAR HAWAII AUGUST 4, 2010   ........   BETWEEN HAWAII AND SAN DIEGO   A former Navy serviceman reported an encounter with a ball of light mirroring his ship's course and speed during a multi-national naval exercise near the Hawaiian Islands, according to Ma…
1505 days ago
From falcon51
Taken with regular digital camera. Zoom in on the middle, in front of the cloud, below the sun, slightly to the right. Taken in Molokai -- Submitted by "Moondog" from Molokai, Hawaii.   Higher resolution photo available for download below.
263 days ago
Facing Lanai, Molokai, United States
Multiple UFOs Spotted in Clouds Above Maui   Three UFO orbs were filmed Sunday hovering above Maui, Hawaii during a violent thunderstorm. Are they spaceships? Weather balloons? What is your opinion?   It's interesting any time there is paranormal activity in Hawaii. The islands are full of anc…
702 days ago
Thunderstorm, Haiku, Maui, United States