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Description: William:I saw the object by eye prior to taking the pictures. I was sitting in my Garden and just spotted something in the Sky . It was there for roughly 5 minutes. I went inside took my camera and took the photos. It was not until I uploaded them could I really see the object proper. …
111 days ago
Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria
Description: I discovered a flying object in this photograph I took almost 2 years ago, back in Vancouver, BC, while attending the Pacific National Exhibition fair with my family. It is very small, white in colour and its shape is lenticular. I added an edited copy of the photo, encircling the objec…
765 days ago
Pacific National Exhibition Fair, Vancouver, Canada
Description: Watch the UFO appear to be pulled into a tractor beam or something similar. This is the best UFO footage I have ever managed to get. The sounds are really loud and creepy coming from the sky whilst the UFO was visible. They were much louder than they appear in the video. This was a real…
164 days ago
Bridlington UK, Bridlington, United Kingdom
My girlfriend and I both saw a UFO at the same time. We both saw it from inside of our car. We were driving back home to Montgomery County in Maryland from Howard County in Maryland on Route 108. We were driving from the east to the west, specifically from the northeast to the southwest, more or le…
195 days ago
Route 108, Highland, United States
Once making jokes with my family about UFOs, my grandmother made an astonishing comment claiming that while she was preparing the soil for planting corn in the afternoon of one year of the 50s. Around 6 PM, she claimed to have seen a metalic flying cigar shaped  UFO with flashing colour lights about…
16330 days ago
In front of her house, Ibirama, Brazil
From Gust
WEIRD CIGAR SHAPED ALIEN CRAFT WITNESSED OVER ASBURY NEW JERSEY 10-9-08 ASBURY, NEW JERSEY I looked up to the sky for no real reason and thats when I saw it.  A white cigar-shaped object very high in the sky, probably at about 20,000 feet in altitude. The object was heading south/southeast and cl…
2168 days ago
From falcon51
Description: We saw an object that was floating around above a field and kept moving around above the field. The colors I saw at first were blue, red and sometimes a white light then it started glowing purple. We watched it for about 10 minutes while it was just hovering above an open field. Witnes…
298 days ago
Originally published on Sep 27, 2013 by UFOFilesTV This cigar-shaped UFO was seen southeast of Lulea. The film-maker thought first it might be an airship, but it is clearly visible that this is something different. Our research shows that in the last centuries many cigar-shaped objects were sighte…
355 days ago
Lulea, Luleå, Sweden