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Description: The witness left a voice-mail message that he a “close encounter” with a UFO. I called him back and recorded a portion of our interview. The witness had just went outside to get into his car to pick up some food. He noticed a strange “cloud-like” object in the sky. Skies were completely…
132 days ago
South Sioux City, South Sioux City, United States
CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH A STRANGE BOOMERANG OVER BLOCK ISLAND, RHODE ISLAND JULY 13, 1969     .....     NEW SHOREHAM, RHODE ISLAND   During the summer of 1969, when I was eighteen years old, I visited Block Island. After the ferry boat from New London, Conn., arrived in New Shoreham, I headed out al…
16316 days ago
From falcon51
TWO BOOMERANG ALIEN CRAFT WITNESSED OVER DA NANG VIETNAM MARCH 2014    .....    DA NANG, VIETNAM My girlfriend and I were sitting on the beach, about 100 meters north of Dana Beach resort in Da Nang, Vietnam.  We were sitting and talking for about 10 minutes or so when suddenly she saw something i…
166 days ago
From falcon51
My son woke us at 3:00am when there were 4 loud booms and bright flashes of light and firework sounds (but NO FIREWORKS in the sky) like cracking and popping. Looked like it came from over the 215 fwy at the 210 fwy area. Anyone else see or hear it? We are located near 17th St and Campus Ave. in Upl…
220 days ago
Ontario Intl airport, Upland, United States
Although this is technically second-hand information - I've posted on the subject before with first-hand experience. In the western area of Arizona, we are experiencing regular, yet sporadic intervals of window-rattling, deeply low frequency "tones", rumbles and loud "booms". I use quotes with "boom…
266 days ago
Western AZ / So Cal, Lake Havasu City, United States
From Eldensword
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV)- Hundreds claim they saw a large light, as well as heard one to two loud booms across Tucson Tuesday night. KGUN 9 has received tons of calls and over 600 comments on our Facebook page from people across Tucson and Arizona. We even had a person in Flagstaff claim to see something …
267 days ago
Across South West, TUCSON , United States
Date of Sighting: June 6, 2011 Time of Sighting: 11:56 PM PDT Location of Sighting: Washougal, Washington   Description: My friend saw a UFO in Washougal, Washington on June 6th.   Response From Witness: Yes, the sighting occurred on Monday, June 6th at 11:56 PM and the witness saw lights mov…
1184 days ago