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GREAT PHOTOS OF AN ALIEN CRAFT OVER THE GOLD COAST OF AUSTRALIA MARCH 2014 ...  CHEVRON ISLAND, GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA Chevron Island local Jack Purcell shot video of what looks very much like an alien spaceship flying through the sky near his home last Thursday night. He was in the front yard with …
27 days ago
From falcon51
AUSTRALIA'S NAVAL AIR STATION UFO ENCOUNTER  AUGUST 31, 1954  .....   NOWRA, SOUTH EAST, AUSTRALIA   One of the most controversial radar visual reports of the fifties occurred on August 31st, 1954. The story leaked out in December, 1954, and made front page headlines. The official navy file on th…
16176 days ago
From falcon51
V SHAPED ALIEN CRAFT SEEN OVER THE GOLD COAST DECEMBER 2000     ....    BILAMBI HEIGHTS, GOLD COAST OF AUSTRALIA   Dear Ken,   I am would like to report to you a sighting of the craft that looks like the a V Arc. It had five really big lights underneath it and moved very slowly in the sky. I …
4884 days ago
From falcon51
Originally published on Dec 7, 2013, by ZeroPointUFO The videographer states that: Multiple squads of UFOs over Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia, December 7, 2013 at 11:32 AM. A squad of 4 UFOs fly north and rendezvous with a separate squad heading east. (UFO Casebook Editor's Note: At first, I …
130 days ago
South-East of Australia, Taylors Hill, Australia
I recorded the ISS approx 20 minutes earlier as proof - (Will keep raw footage with 'time' start.) Note the 'corona' as opposed to the ISS?   First camera is a Samsung SDC-435 - Second camera is a P8079HP 3 stage generation 1 night vision tube with a 50mm slr lens.   I watched this 'thing' vi…
226 days ago
Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
(UFO Casebook Editor's Note: Here is yet another unknown flying object caught on video taken from an airplane.   Unfortunately, we don't have an exact date other than to assume it was taken recently since it was just posted by the submitter, who only tells us that the location is Australia.   Th…
243 days ago
In flight, Unknown, Australia
Photographer Drew Ryan snaps UFO hovering over Empire Bay   It was large, spherical, luminous and hovering over Empire Bay. Drew Ryan had no idea what it was.   Mr Ryan is a hobby photographer, and managed to snap has numerous images and extensive video footage which he says back up his UFO clai…
288 days ago
Hovering outside, Empire Bay, Australia
BY: MARV DUMONIs it an alien spaceship or a top secret military plane? On Saturday, multiple UFOs were spotted flying at blazing speed over a sunny sky in Sydney. You can watch the 22-minute clip in this YouTube video.A bullet-shaped UFO was seen flying over relatively clear skies over Australia aro…
507 days ago
Outside, Sydney, Australia
Photo of mysterious object has UFO watchers buzzing   Rodney Stevens A BALLINA man took this photo of an unidentified flying object at Broken Head in August but researchers from UFO Research NSW are reluctant to say it could be genuine.Adam Frankham and his girlfriend went to the lookout and wa…
599 days ago
Outside, Ballina, Australia
A fiery low-flying object that lit up the Melbourne skyline last night has created a buzz among locals wondering about the origins of the dazzling object.   The spherical object flew from west to east about 8.40pm AEDT.   Did you see the UFO? Get in touch with us at…
764 days ago
Melbourne skyline, Melbourne, Australia
Witness Testimony Hi, my cousin took 2 pictures from his mobile phone on the 25th June 2007 at the corner of Waterworks Road & Fulcher Street Ashgrove, Queensland, next 2 the Bronco's Club. I zoomed in on these photos today as he just told me about it & they are quite interesting. The firs…
2487 days ago
Outside, Ashgrove, Australia
These photographs were taken in Acacia Hills, Northern Territory, Australia, round about the 3rd of July!The other 2 pictures were also sent to NT News and published on the 17th of July. All 3 pictures that I took of these things were within 3 minutes of each other at about 11.30 AM The 2 pictur…
2113 days ago