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MILITARY PASSENGER CAPTURES UFO PHOTO OVER ATLANTA DECEMBER 3, 2013 FLIGHT OVER ATLANTA, GEORGIA Hi. My name is Andy I am a former US Navy AMS/Airdale and flyer. I was on a flight from my home in St Thomas USVI to Atlanta, Ga in December of 2013. I hadn’t flown in several years, and being excited …
271 days ago
Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, United States
From falcon51
Sighting began around 5:00, my wife and I we're driving to work heading toward I-20 on Glenwood Ave. We reached the intersection with 2nd Ave, stopped at the red light and noticed something incredibly bright in the sky at 12 o'clock. At first it appeared to be a large plane reflecting direct sunlig…
436 days ago
Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia, Decatur, United States