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Two Italians are believed to have had a close encounter with a UFO after seeing a “bizarre object” flying in the blue skies of Rome in early February. The men captured two bright objects on video at around CET 5.50pm on February 8th. One of the objects is said to have made “sudden stops and zig-zag…
174 days ago
Mediterranean UFO Centre , Rome, Italy
POSSIBLE ALIEN ABDUCTION NEAR LAKE GENEVA WISCONSIN WINTER OF 1998 / 1999   .........    LAKE GENEVA WISCONSIN In roughly the winter of 1998/1999, I was driving out of Lake Geneva, WI on HWY 50 (if I recall, that is the name of the main road out of town towards Kenosha) when I noticed a long ship,…
5691 days ago
From falcon51
Description: Hi, these objects are something I have been seeing and watching in the night sky for some years. They appear just around dark, or just seem to be there. With the naked eye they appear to twinkle a blue, green, red and white light.   Twinkle like lights on a Christmas tree. They someti…
161 days ago
Lamont, WA, Lamont, United States
Description: My wife and were driving home from the store going north when I noticed an orange-red object kind of hovering. I stopped in the turning lane and took so some pictures with my phone and then made my turn then immediately turned right into the driveway. I got out and wanted to take some m…
62 days ago
TRIANGLE SHAPED OBJECT SPOTTED OVER OXFORD NEW JERSEY JULY 10, 2014       ............    OXFORD, NEW JERSEY   I was returning home from work traveling N/B on SH31 in Oxford Twsp. Warren County in my work truck. At approximately 2230 hrs. I was passing the Warren County Recycling center (County D…
22 days ago
From falcon51
I had my first sighting the other day in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada A green ball in the sky got my attention at night as I was driving my friend’s car (being the D.D. because I don’t want him to hurt himself). as we are driving down a back country road on our way home I see a green ball of light a…
247 days ago
St. Albert , St. Albert, Canada
Margate, Florida - 03-10-14 - I was able to receive a copy of this event and this was recorded from a cell phone. If I have the information correct there were at least 10 observers at the Walmart located at 441 and Atlantic this particular night including a security guard. This recorded piece here …
144 days ago
441 and Atlantic, Margate, United States
DISC SHAPED ALIEN CRAFT OVER BREMEN, DELAWARE 7-27-12 BREMEN, DELAWARE At first it seemed like an airplane approaching my place with unusually bright light (VERY BRIGHT). However, it was same color, from anticipated wingtip to wingtip; orange to yellow, VERY bright. I thought it was a plane, just…
735 days ago
From falcon51
I was with my girlfriend waiting for the bus to go back to my house, when I noticed what I believed that was a star moving very slowly. I told my girlfriend and she confirmed that I was not just seeing things, and even pointed out another light coming from the same southwest to west direction. Bot…
128 days ago
Bus Stop, Porto Alegre, Brazil
FLYING DISC SPOTTED OVER JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEY JULY 3 1992 .... JERSEY CITY,  NEW JERSEY I was living in Jersey City at the time, and I was coming from my second job at a Video store, riding my bike, since it was only five blocks away and as I was one block from my house. I saw out of the corne…
8064 days ago
From falcon51
I was outside smoking and looked at the stars like I always do. I noticed one above the horizon that was oscillating very strangely (not like the other bright stars). When I decided to keep my eyes on it that's when it started to move around. At first I just assumed it was an airplane since they no…
115 days ago
Above the horizon, Lansing, United States
Date/Time of event: Summer, 1973, within 1 or 2 years.Location (city, state, country): Shenango Township, Lawrence County, PA, USDetailed description: It was summer, and my dad was mowing the lawn (push mower). I was out in the sun. I had just washed my hair, and was "sun-drying" it outside for some…
15036 days ago
Lawrence County, Shenango Township, United States
Date/Time of event:  Not sure of year. Could be late 60s or early 70s. I always remembered it as being in the mid-to-late 1960s, when we had a big UFO flap in the tri-state area. My Mother remembered it as being in the early 1970s. Time: I believe it was dusk, or perhaps after sunset.Location (city…
16283 days ago
Date/Time of event: Not sure; early evening sometime in 2012, I believe. Location (city, state, country): Shenango Township, Lawrence County, PA, US Detailed description: I was standing at my kitchen sink. It wasn't completely dark because the window blind was still up, and we always pulled it dow…
943 days ago
Shenango Township, Lawrence County, United States
In the summer of 1998, I was seated with friends over the beach in Balneario Camboriu, SC, Brazil, when I spotted an unusual white light over the horizon towards the city of Itajai and the airport of Navegantes (NVT).   What caught my attention was that it was holding still for too long (that area i…
6011 days ago
Over the hills around the airport of Navegantes, Itajai, Brazil
From Gust
STRANGE BELL SHAPED CRAFT SPOTTED OVER CANADA NOVEMBER 20, 2013    .....     REGINA SASKATCHEWAN CANADA I was working outside just after my lunch break. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed what looked to be a red-copper colored object in sky to my left.  I stood up straight and really focused on…
254 days ago
From falcon51
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