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Damascus Syria, Sept 2013 Originally published on Sep 20, 2013 by UFOvni2012 (Editor's Note: Allegedly, this video was taken during war time in the outskirts of Damascus, Syria. Little information is given to us beyond that fact. The video has generated over 15,000 views, but comments are disable…
236 days ago
Outskirts of Damascus, Damascus, Syria
ALIEN CRAFT CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN DETROIT   NOVEMBER 5, 2008 ...   DETROIT MICHIGAN     I was cleaning a vacant apartment on the 13th floor, ( Im a maintenance guy for an apartment building in downtown Detroit) on a sunny fall day.  Something kept reflecting sunlight into my eyes from out sid…
1996 days ago
From pfeifer
Description: I saw hovering red lights. Then after about a half hour they appeared to blow up with light. Then they took off SILENTLY, and looked like comets when they flew away.  
132 days ago
Crater Lake National Park, Klamath Falls, United States
This incident occurred about two years ago in December 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. On a clear night I was standing on my window gazing stars which seemed amazingly bright that night. After standing there for about 10 minutes I noticed an extra bright yellowish light hanging in south-west sky.   …
1214 days ago
Wishart, Brisbane, Australia
From prashkd85
The above radar map shows the track of an object that is moving southeast at speeds of around 25 to 50 MPH. (The radar showed that object made one sharp deviation from it’s course moving westerly at 112 MPH and then back to the southeast at 38 MPH.) The map is near the time that the photos were take…
200 days ago
Near Denver International Airport, Denver, United States
GREAT PHOTOS OF AN ALIEN CRAFT OVER NORTH CAROLINA   9-5-13 WINSTON SALEM NORTH CAROLINA     I had just left my Girlfriends house outside of Winston Salem off of I-40 heading east toward. I-52 , when I noticed and odd shapes object in the sky not very high above the city of Winston, at 3:30…
231 days ago
From falcon51
  What is the Black Ring of Leamington Spa? Mysterious object in the sky is captured by girl, 16, on her iPhone By EMILY KENT SMITH, Mail Online Weather experts have been baffled by a black ring which appeared in the sky above Leamington Spa on Friday evening. Schoolgirl Georgina Heap was playin…
13 days ago
Leamington Spa, UK, Leamington Spa, United Kingdom
FAMILY'S CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN WAYNE NEW JERSEY CIRCA 1972 WAYNE NEW JERSEY Me and my parents, sister and cousin where driving home from my cousins house between 12pm to 1am traveling from the direction of Ratzer Rd on Valley Rd, heading towards the direction of Riverview Dr.  I was sitting in the ba…
148 days ago
From falcon51
A resident of Limassol has been left stunned after spotting what appeared to be a UFO in the sky above the city.The resident, who is unnamed, left a statement along with amateur footage on Youtube claiming that: “I saw this strange light hovering on the sky which also changed colours to green. At fi…
122 days ago
Above the city, Famagusta, Cyprus
Description: On August 30th, 2013 at around 11:30 AM I saw an object that displayed a slow upward movement and then disappeared. It looked black and was maybe some silver-metallic. The above was submitted to UFOs NorthWest.
237 days ago
Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil
I was recording a video of a thunderstorm that was passing south of my home. I left the camera outside for a 20 minute recording on a tripod while I returned inside of my home. I didnt realize that an object was recorded until after I reviewed the video clip on my computer. It appeared around 5 minu…
278 days ago
Filming a lightning storm, Toms River, United States
My mother and I were in my room watching TV when we heard a loud roar outside. We ran to the window. It was a cop tat was out at my neighbors house. As my mom was preoccupied watching that go down, I noticed a light in the sky. I watched it, and it was just a plane, but I filmed it anyway since it s…
277 days ago
Outside house, Novato, United States
I was driving home from the auto parts store in Hammonton, N.J. and had to stop at friends house to drop off some oil that he needed to top off his vehicle. We spoke for a few minutes and as we were conversing I was looking towards the White Horse pike (Rt. 30) where a dealership is located. While m…
275 days ago
I was up on top of a hill near my house in Southwest Las Vegas watching planes talking to my uncle on the phone on the other side of town. At about 7:00 PM Monday 9/23/13 I saw three lights in triangle form over the east side of town. They were completely still and not moving at all. They appeared t…
214 days ago
Near Las Vegas, Las Vegas, United States
Please note: MULTIPLE high resolution photos can be downloaded via the link below.   I attended an airshow at the New Garden Flying Field on Saturday, August 24, 2013. A friend, his wife, and I had set up lawn chairs at the far southwest area of the field to watch the show. My camera is a Canon EO…
243 days ago
New Garden Flying Field, Toughkenamon, United States
EERIE DIAMOND SHAPED ALIEN CRAFT SPOTTED IN VERMONT NOVEMBER 25, 2013    ....    POULTNEY, VERMONT I was walking toward a building on campus and as I got closer (sky no longer covered by trees) I noticed a light gray diamond-shaped object hovering near but far above the building I was heading towa…
139 days ago
From falcon51
TRIANGLE CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN WAKEFIELD, RHODE ISLAND APRIL 11, 2008    ....    WAKEFIELD, RHODE ISLAND As I was coming home from a night class at the Univ. of Rhode Island, early April, 2008, about 9pm, up ahead at the intersection of Ministerial road (rt. 110) and Old Post Rd, in the Perryville se…
2205 days ago
From falcon51
Why this video is just now coming to light is a mystery to me. However, it is stated that a security camera at a motorcycle shop caught something quite unusual; a light moving across the screen that appears to be intelligently controlled. According to the video, this occurred on February 20, 2011, …
1160 days ago
Night Vision Camera, Bangor, Ireland
MH370: Radar Detected UFO Before Jet Goes Missing; Malaysian Air Force Head Reportedly Confirms Sightings By Lou Ramon Aguila, International Business Times The search for the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues, but to no avail, mysteries still hover over the disappearance of the jet…
48 days ago
In Flight, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
MARINE SERGEANT SPOTS SILVERY UFO'S WEST OF GUADALCANAL AUGUST 12, 1942  ISLAND OF TULAGI Stephen J. Brickner, a sergeant with the 1st Marine Division, had a fantastic encounter with mysterious aerial objects.  "The sightings occurred on Aug. 12, 1942, about 10 in the morning while I was in bivo…
251 days ago
From falcon51
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