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Original NASA Caption: S121-E-06057 (8 July 2006) --- Astronauts Piers J. Sellers (red stripes) and Michael E. Fossum, STS-121 mission specialists, work in tandem on the shuttle's Remote Manipulator System/Orbiter Boom Sensor System (RMS/OBSS) during the mission's first scheduled session of extraveh…
2841 days ago
Feltham, Middlesex, England (near London Heathrow airport) - 2011   I was explaining a UFO experience to an American friend on the telephone, and she directed me to your website, saying that I should report it, even though it happened in 2011.   I guess that it is too long ago to be of any relev…
1203 days ago
London Heathrow Airport, Feltham, Middlesex, United Kingdom
(UFO Casebook Editor's Note: I am posting this video as representative of a number of videos taken lately in the same area of the United Kingdom.   What is odd is that almost all of them are white and are opaque or tranlucent, which is the case with this video.   The object in question here look…
225 days ago
MISSING TIME AND POSSIBLE ALIEN ADBUCTION IN NEBRASKA AUGUST 8, 1964 This is an incident I witnessed as a 6 year old boy. We lived in Grand Island, NE. The neighborhood was fairly new at the time and compared to today, was on the fringes of several farms and quasi-rural. The northern major road run…
16179 days ago
From falcon51
8/14/2013 5:19AM I was driving to work from Surprise Az, to central Phoenix. I stopped at a stop sign on the access road to Grand Ave. and saw there was a nice cloud formation backed by a colorful sunrise. I often takes pictures of scenes like this, when I can, and since there were no cars behind me…
247 days ago
UFO IN THE SKY OF PANAMA CITY, PANAMA OVER THE OCEAN, VIEW FROM BEDROOM ON 10TH FLOOR 4/12/12   Description from YouTube: I woke up at 5 am and saw this outside of my window... after about 5 minutes they split up and flew in different directions one by one very quickly. I had quit filming because …
736 days ago
Outside Bedroom Window, PANAMA CITY, Panama
STRANGE TRIANGLE CRAFT SPOTTED OVER NEW YORK CITY OCTOBER 13, 2010    ....    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK The sighting started at around 9am on October 13, 2010, the sky was sunny, clear no clouds in the sky. My wife was walking our children to school and as she crossed 23rd Street and 8th Avenue in C…
162 days ago
From falcon51
My girlfriend witnessed the first light in the south west called me out to the back deck where I climbed onto the railing to get a better view... not the wisest, but I was able to see a bright white light descend the hover in place. The light stayed in place for only a few moments then vanished so I…
256 days ago
Hello I am always looking up into the sky and see brighter objects move (brighter then stars), but this day nails it. In Temecula, CA on Friday, August 23, 2013 just after 9:05 PM I dropped my girlfriend off at work. I saw nothing on my left side. I  backed out of the parking lot, turn,  pass dri…
238 days ago
While driving, Temecula, United States
Description: I have two photos: One shows close ups of the still shot of that thing and the star and the original shot.These photos are all unedited and neither are enhanced in any way. My boyfriend and I have been watching this thing from his house in Traverse City, Michigan and actually caught thi…
245 days ago
Traverse City, MI, Traverse City, United States
    This object at first makes the impression to be a bird. However when we take a closer look in slow motion, the object seems to have a metal surface. Decide for yourself. What do you think?
258 days ago
In a plane, Wadden Sea, Netherlands
Description: My name is C.W. and I had one heck of an experience yesterday morning. 11/21/2013 at around 07:00. I was sent your website by a well trusted and life long friend.I have never really been a believer though I have seen some unexplainable (at least to me) things in my life. I guess I am em…
149 days ago
Portland, Oregon, Portland, United States
  MYSTERIOUS UFO LIGHT OBSERVED OVER GETTYSBURG PENNSYLVANIA DECEMBER 28, 2013   6 AM ......    GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA  I'd only been out for a minute when I saw the lights. At first, I thought nothing much of them because, living almost due south of Harrisburg and north of Baltimore & Washing…
112 days ago
From falcon51
Description: My wife and I were traveling southbound on Highway 41 returning to our home in Oshkosh from Green Bay. It was late afternoon on November 30th, 2013. About one mile outside of Little Chute we noticed a dark circle ahead in the distance over the highway’s left lane. We watched it and as w…
140 days ago
Background   The Trans-en-Provence UFO event occurred on January 8, 1981 and was observed by a single witness. Due to the French privacy laws, the case was originally published with the witness name replaced with the pseudonym Renato Collini; however the witness name is by now well known to the UF…
11910 days ago
Trans-en-Province, Trans-en-Province, France
I caught this object while taking pictures of the sunset last week (9/25?}. I never saw it until I viewed the photos. I thought it could be ISON but not sure. I know the moon came up behind me in the east shortly after as I caught pictures of it also. I saw an article that lead me to 'The Black V…
205 days ago
Tamp, FL, Tampa, United States
From cbvapor
ANOTHER TRIANGLE SPOTTED OVER SOUTH JERSEY JANUARY 20, 2014 ....   SALEM, NEW JERSEY I have worked 12 hour nights for almost 3 years now. I am an avid night sky watcher (meteor showers, planet conjunctions, satellites spotting, comets, I.S.S. passings, etc.), so I am quite familiar with "normal" n…
89 days ago
Salem, New Jersey, SALEM, United States
From falcon51
POSTED BY: TANVEER, The Canadian Several UFOs were observed hovering over a Mexican volcano on 15 December, 2013, as reported by UFO Sightings Daily. The website, UFO Sightings Daily, is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight…
125 days ago
Mt. Popocatépetl, Popocatépetl, Mexico
I was cleaning a vacant apartment on the 13th floor, ( Im a maintenance guy for an apartment building in downtown Detroit) on a sunny fall day.   Something kept reflecting sunlight into my eyes from out side, I ignored it the first few times, figuring it was a traffic helicopter or passenger jet.…
1980 days ago
While in a hi-rise building, Detroit, United States
When I was growing up in the early 1980's in surbarban Sri Lanka I remember playing in our garden. It was around 7:45PM and the sun had set; when I came to a large flower bed I noticed a glowing object lying on the ground through the dense vegetation. The object was somewhat similar to the one in th…
12526 days ago
From maxpain12
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