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Date/Time of event: Summer, 1973, within 1 or 2 years.Location (city, state, country): Shenango Township, Lawrence County, PA, USDetailed description: It was summer, and my dad was mowing the lawn (push mower). I was out in the sun. I had just washed my hair, and was "sun-drying" it outside for some…
15083 days ago
Lawrence County, Shenango Township, United States
Date/Time of event:  Not sure of year. Could be late 60s or early 70s. I always remembered it as being in the mid-to-late 1960s, when we had a big UFO flap in the tri-state area. My Mother remembered it as being in the early 1970s. Time: I believe it was dusk, or perhaps after sunset.Location (city…
16330 days ago
Date/Time of event: Not sure; early evening sometime in 2012, I believe. Location (city, state, country): Shenango Township, Lawrence County, PA, US Detailed description: I was standing at my kitchen sink. It wasn't completely dark because the window blind was still up, and we always pulled it dow…
990 days ago
Shenango Township, Lawrence County, United States
Description: Hi: I took these Photographs at 11.29 AM GMT in Newton Abbot Devon, UK on 15/May/2014. The object appears to be a domed saucer. Here is my analysis of the two photographs. (See slide show above.) UFOs NorthWest Note: Analysis indicates that the 2 original photos sent by the witness wer…
125 days ago
Newton Abbot, Devon, UK, Newton Abbot, United Kingdom
May 2014 - Originally published on May 13, 2014 from NASA live feed. Provided by Toby Lundh. (UFO Casebook Editor's Note: Since NASA went live with the ISS cameras, several of these types of videos have been captured by different individuals. This will be an ongoing process as long as the cameras s…
126 days ago
Description: Hi, these objects are something I have been seeing and watching in the night sky for some years. They appear just around dark, or just seem to be there. With the naked eye they appear to twinkle a blue, green, red and white light.   Twinkle like lights on a Christmas tree. They someti…
208 days ago
Lamont, WA, Lamont, United States
STOCKTON (CBS13) – An unusual cloud spotted in Stockton caused a storm on social media Friday afternoon. Photos started flooding social media a little after 2 p.m. Many people characterized the event as a UFO, using hashtags like #alien, #weird and even going so far as saying the earth was due for …
131 days ago
Northern CA, Sacramento, United States
Isla Mujures, Mexico - 04-23-14 It must have been about 8:30 pm when I observed something like a rectangle in the distance; it seemed to be hovering over the Caribbean sea, south of Isla Mujeres in Cancun. I observed this phenomenon from the 5th floor of the Hyatt Regency in Cancun, where I was st…
147 days ago
Isla Mujeres, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Note from The Black Vault: This is the original article run by The Daily Mail and is now in many different news agencies.  Although I believe this video to be a hoax, I am posting it here.  I often wonder when I see stories like this, I wonder why a mainstream media publication chooses to run a stor…
131 days ago
Asadabad, Asadabad, Afghanistan
Description: The first picture is zoomed in at 300%. If you look at the second picture, you can see this object on the right hand side of the photo. We did not notice it until I was processing pictures. I checked with our local airport and no flights were coming in or out of our area. This was taken…
736 days ago
Ashland KY, Ashland, United States
Description: Hey William: Hope this finds you well and in good spirits! I have been keeping up on your site and appreciate the great work you’ve been doing! Here’s a new series of UFO captures for your review please. I filmed from my deck in Newport Beach, CA over the past few weeks from April 18 to…
134 days ago
Newport Beach CA, Newport Beach, United States
Watch incredible CCTV footage of ghost PUSHING man to the ground and DRAGGING him along corridor This extraordinary CCTV footage captures the moment a ghostly apparition PUSHES a man to the ground before dragging him along a corridor. The 60-second video, posted on YouTube, shows the man, clad in …
135 days ago
Unknown Location, Unknown City, United States
I was out walking my dog at about 10:30 PM. I observed an object emitting a beam of light from NW to SE in the direction of an unknown, unlit object direction in SE sky. Between the local object and the unknown object was an array of local, small colored lights arranged in a diamond shaped array. I…
137 days ago
Cassville, MO, Cassville, United States
A triangle UFO was caught on tape in the Southwest between Nevada and Utah. This UFO video was recorded by Mr. Willie Landers, as he was traveling from Utah. Witness says: I walked outside and looked up and I saw this thing in the sky. It didn't look like any drone or aircraft I have ever seen. (…
164 days ago
Witness/Photographer Statement: I was driving westward on Chinden Blvd. It was around 8:15 AM. To my north-west was this MASSIVE bell-shaped object hovering in the sky. It just stayed there. In scale, it appeared to be larger than a hot air balloon. I tried asking others about the sighting; they …
139 days ago
Description: The witness left a voice-mail message that he a “close encounter” with a UFO. I called him back and recorded a portion of our interview. The witness had just went outside to get into his car to pick up some food. He noticed a strange “cloud-like” object in the sky. Skies were completely…
146 days ago
South Sioux City, South Sioux City, United States
UFO Sightings Daily Note: This is an intriguing video and it has a chat area attached to a live cam. This cam catches everything that passes between it and the moon, from birds, planes, all the way to fleets of UFOs. Look at the enlargement above. These UFOs are moving faster than any bird, balloon …
149 days ago
Description: In the early sixties I was walking along a railroad track in Lamoni, Iowa. It was very isolated. I suddenly felt chilled and looked up to the sky where I saw two spinning “lights” dancing around each other. I was totally fascinated by this sight. Suddenly there was this loud “pop” in fr…
16330 days ago
Lamoni, IA, Lamoni, United States
I was sitting outside waiting for the mailman to come by my home. The weather was overcast most of the day. The object in my photographs made no sound. It was pretty far away. I could barely make out the object through my camera LCD screen. This happened in South Carolina. Camera make and model: …
2011 days ago
Outside house in SC, Unknown City, United States
One of the most famous UFO pictures ever taken. The photographer, to my knowledge, still remains unnamed. Taken on an April night during a well known "wave," the photo very clearly shows a triangle-shaped object with lights. One of the best proofs of UFOs we have. Original photo was too dark to show…
8935 days ago
Petit Rechain, Belgium, Petit Rechain, Belgium
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