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Originally published on Jan 22, 2014 by OrTDunKeL Information provided by videographer: About 21 hours on 01-14-14, I could see this object or objects from the coast of Monte Hermoso. Incredible UFO Video of a UFO emerging from the sea in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 01-14-14. This is a real UFO si…
246 days ago
Coast of Monte Hermoso, Monte Hermoso, Argentina
ALIEN CRAFT LANDING, DEAD CREATURES AND MUCH STRANGENESS IN ARGENTINA 1950 BAHIA BLANCA, ARGENTINA At the time of the encounter, Dr. Botta was a man of 40 years old. He was well educated and respected by all who knew him. He was an ex-war pilot and aeronautical engineer. He was employed as an arch…
296 days ago
From falcon51
(Editor's Note from UFO Casebook: The two videos shown below lack much detail from the submitter, yet they have had a lot of views at Youtube. There are a lot of comments made, mostly in Spanish, but the preponderance of them suggest a favorable review.   We can only assume that the two videos sho…
495 days ago
Argentina and Chile, Unknown, Argentina
UFO wide as TRAIN, Alien Spaceship, Castelar Argentina, Feb 26, 2012 No description is available.  Was published on YouTube with no event description.  Archived for research purposes. 
934 days ago
Unknown, Castelar, Argentina
By Scott Corrales Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogyUFO Digest Latin America CorrespondentSource: Minuto.com Argentina: A UFO Reported over Pilar Some residents from the town of Pilar…
936 days ago
Field, Pilar, Argentina
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology   January 9, 2008-On December 27, 2007 in the city of Bahia Blanca (Prov. of Buenos Aires) a 14 year-old boy took three photos of an immense vehicle that approached a window in his house while his parents were elsewhere in the structure in the company o…
2456 days ago
Argentina: "Alien Spaceship" Allegedly Lands at Arroyo Leyes Nestor and Sara were asleep at home when "a very loud report" woke them up. Hours later, they found strange holes in the ground; experts are looking into the case. The event occurred on January 14 at approximately 3:00 a.m. while the own…
2065 days ago
Home / Yard, Arroyo Leyes, Argentina
Witness Testimonial Residents of Rosario became witnesses to further UFO activity on the evening of January 30 and the early morning hours of the 31st. Initial eyewitness accounts describe lights seen at 23:30 hs. over the facilities of the Alto Rosario Shopping Center located between Av. del …
2055 days ago