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Picayune, Mississippi- 11-19-13 On the way back from college I noticed how beautiful the sunset was so I pulled my phone out and started taking multiple pictures. I didn't stop taking the pictures for about 20 minutes the whole time. Iā€™m not really looking at the sky anymore, so if my phone was a…
301 days ago
On the way back from college, Picayune, United States
Background: On April 13, 2013 a pilot had just taken off from Slidell, LA Airport with his Cessna 172. He was flying at 2,500 feet and as he approached the Picayune, MS VOR he saw a disk shaped craft to his right for a few seconds. The object drifted off to the south after a few seconds. He was flyi…
521 days ago
Picayune, MS, Picayune, United States