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These are pictures of what I believe to be chemtrails that are all around the area of which I live.
322 days ago
Greater Boston Skies, Boston, United States
On August 7, 2013 I was looking toward the east from Oakdale, CA. I noticed a lot of what some call chem-trails in the sky so I decided to take two quick photos before leaving in my car. I took a quick look at my photos when I got inside my car and noticed a spot in the first photo. I thought someth…
391 days ago
During a chemtrail outbreak, Oakdale, United States
I first noticed cloud-like straight lines in the sky, perfectly spaced apart like a grid. I was at work at this time. When I got off about an hour later I drove a couple of miles, not only were there still there, but there were intersections. I was going to my friends house in another town, at least…
618 days ago
Outside of work, Harts, United States