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Browse Case Files By Day: 05.02.2014
FRIGHTENING CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN THE YUKONS MARCH 30, 2000   KLONDIKE HIGHWAY YUKON Background: There have been many close encounters with UFOs in the Yukon but it is not often that we get a report like this so soon after it occurs. The witnesses were interviewed about 15 hours after their experienc…
82 days ago
From falcon51
HUNTERS ALIEN ABDUCTION IN THE FOREST OF NORTH BAY ONTARIO 1966    NORTH BAY ONTARIO CANADA 3 years ago, my uncle (my father's brother) passed away. He lived in Lansing, Michigan at the time. I was born and lived in Lansing until I moved to West Lafayette, Indiana for college. After I graduated, I…
107 days ago
From falcon51
Description: Hey William: Hope this finds you well and in good spirits! I have been keeping up on your site and appreciate the great work you’ve been doing! Here’s a new series of UFO captures for your review please. I filmed from my deck in Newport Beach, CA over the past few weeks from April 18 to…
134 days ago
Newport Beach CA, Newport Beach, United States
I was out walking my dog at about 10:30 PM. I observed an object emitting a beam of light from NW to SE in the direction of an unknown, unlit object direction in SE sky. Between the local object and the unknown object was an array of local, small colored lights arranged in a diamond shaped array. I…
137 days ago
Cassville, MO, Cassville, United States