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Description:June 11, 2013I went to bed early and woke up at 11:03 PM due to an intense feeling of arousal. I awoke because of these feelings and wondered why I had them because the dreams I was having didn’t coincide with them. They wouldn’t subside. I thought this was highly unusual so I decided to…
283 days ago
WEIRD ALIEN CRAFT ENCOUNTER IN NEW YORK 5-30-12 PORTER CORNERS, NEW YORK Standing on back porch in Porter Corners NY, a suburb of Saratoga Springs and noticed bright object in sky larger and brighter than anything else. Object abruptly made fish hook turn heading in opposite direction towards moo…
58 days ago
From falcon51
Looked directly up above (overhead) on a stary night and saw an opening the shape of a rectangle with light in it very far up which quickly shut.  There was no light casting out of the box just light inside of the opening.   I had the impression since there was no outline after the light went out i…
279 days ago
Deal Island , Deal Island, United States
From gayander
Was watching Town Fireworks Display at approximately 9 PM and noticed this very bright object that was definitely not Fireworks related. It had a flight path and came in from the West and circled the area, then flew back toward the West and I observed it until it was out of sight. It was circular in…
290 days ago
Watching fireworks, Calvert City, United States