Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

NASA produced and creates videos available to the public.

Below, you will find lists of videos obtained under the FOIA of NASA videos.

  1.  Videos at Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC), produced 2007 - 2008 [9 Pages, 0.2mb]
  2.  Videos at Headquarters NASA, 2007-2008 [3 Pages, 0.2mb]
  3.  Videos at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, produced June through December 2008 [16 Pages, 0.2mb]
  4.  Videos at Kennedy Space Center, produced 2007 - 2008 [159 Pages, 37.38mb]
  5.  Videos at Langley Research Center, produced 2007 - 2008 [4 Pages, 0.15mb]
  6.  Videos at Johnson Space Center (JSC), 2007-2008 [100 Pages, 3.5mb]
  7.  Videos at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), 2007-2008 [40 Pages, 0.3mb]
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Videos Produced & Created by NASA