Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) has released online an unclassified redacted version of the Joint Center for Operational Analysis (JCOA)-sponsored study entitled "The Iraqi Perspectives Project -- Saddam and Terrorism:  Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents."

The five volumes of the document, linked below, documents the history of the Saddam regime.

The Institute for Defense Analyses produced the report under contract for the command as part of the broader Iraqi Perspectives Project.

The Iraqi Perspectives Project examines operational and strategic insights and lessons from the perspective of former senior Iraqi decision-makers through the analysis of primary source material such as interviews and captured regime documents.

The study's authors completed the report after screening more than 600,000 captured documents including several hundred hours of audio and video files archived by U.S. Department of Defense.

  1. Volume 1 [45.90mb, 95 Pages]
  2. Volume 2 [22.96mb, 560 Pages]
  3. Volume 3 [33.89mb, 448 Pages]
  4. Volume 4 [38.68mb, 456 Pages]
  5. Volume 5 [42.63mb, 470 Pages]

Other Captured Documents

The following is a list of documents that were captured from Iraq and later translated by the military.

    1. Al-Qa'ida Bylaws

    2.  Al-Qa'ida Constitutional Charter

    3. Al-Qa'ida Employment Contract
    4. Al-Qa'ida Goals and Structure
    5. Al-Qa'ida Staff Count Public Appointments
    6. Al Adl Letter
    7. Biography of Ayman Al-Zawahiri
    8. Book by Mustafa Hamid
    9. Call to Jihad Against the Syrian Regime
    10. Camp Acceptance Requirements
    11. Condolence Letter
    12. Criticism of Abu Al-Bara'a
    13. Criticism of Sheikh Bin Baz
    14. A Response to Accusations Against Sheikh Albani
    15. Five Letters to the Africa Corps
    16. Get the Idolaters Out of Arab Island
    17. Interior Organization
    18. Lessons Learned from the Jihad Ordeal in Syria
    19. Letter of Threat to Americans
    20. Letter from Qusay Hussein concerning Kuwaiti POWs being used as human shields - This is a letter from Qusay Saddam Hussein directing the transfer of 448 Kuwaiti prisoners to essential Ministries, radio and television buildings, and Military Industrial Commissions to be used as human shields during the expected US attack on Iraq.
    21. Letter to Pakistani Scholars from bin Laden
    22. Letters from bin Laden
    23. Letter to Aba Khalid from bin Laden
    24. Letter to Mullah Mohammed 'Omar from bin Laden
    25. A Memo to Sheikh Abu Abdullah
    26. Open Letter to King Fahd from bin Laden
    27. Political Speculation
    28. A Response to Accusations Against Sheikh Albani
    29. Rumors of Iraqi and Saudi volunteers to fight against the US in Afghanistan - Fedayeen Saddam received news of a rumor that 3,000 volunteers from Iraq and Saudi Arabia had traveled to Afghanistan to fight with the Mujahideen against the US. This letter is a request to investigate the rumor to determine whether it is true.
    30. A Short Report on the Trip from Nairobi
    31. Status of Jihad
    32. Thoughts About Security of Principal Squads
    33. Usage of Special Equipment
    34. Various Admin Documents and Questions


Captured Documents during Operation Iraqi Freedom - Originals Only - No Translations. Summaries are compliments of Ft. Leavenworth, United States Army

  1. Document: AFGP-2002-000100 - This document contains a flyer addressed to all Arab immigrants. The flyer lists the Islamic Emirate officials' names that would assist the Arab immigrants in entering the Emirate.

  2. Document: CMPC-2003-001488 - No Summary Provided
  3. Document: CMPC-2003-005934 - The first page of this two-page file contains a list of a number pieces of equipment needed for detonation of explosive materials. It appears that they are giving time schedules for preparation of specific numbers of various devices.
  4. Document: ISGZ-2004-027808 - Correspondence among various governmental offices regarding the French law for funding and financing election campaigns. The original French text of the law translated into Arabic, referring to the rules of the authority to regulate the financing.
  5. Document: ISGZ-2004-028947 - This 2 page document includes a memo from the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS)(M6), to all general managers of the departments. It addresses the U.N. inspection team's intention of uncovering detailed information about departments' symbols.
  6. Document: CMPC-2003-006430 - This file contains document relevant to the Mukhabarat or Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS), it explains the structure of the IIS
  7. Document: ISGZ-2004-019920.pdf - 2002 Iraqi Intelligence Correspondence concerning the presence of al-Qaida Members in Iraq. Correspondence between IRS members
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The Iraqi Perspectives Project -- Saddam and Terrorism