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The GAM-63 RASCAL is a supersonic Air-to-surface missile that was developed by the Bell Aircraft Company. The RASCAL was the United States Air Force's first nuclear armed standoff missile. The RASCAL was initially designated the ASM-A-2, then re-designated the B-63 in 1951 and finally re-designated the GAM-63 in 1955.

The name RASCAL was the acronym for RAdar SCAnning Link, the missile's guidance system. The RASCAL project was cancelled in September 1958.

  1. GAM-63 Missile Development Program [39 Pages, 11.22mb]
  2. HQ USAF Logistics Concept, GAM-63 Weapon System [20 Pages, 600kb]
  3. The History of the RASCAL Missile, 1952-1958 [158 pages, 58mb]
  4. Missile Logistics, Volume 1: Text (Historical Study No. 328) [115 pages, 5.7mb]
  5. Project RASCAL / Project Shrike, 31 March 1953 [88 Pages, 14.5mb]
  6. R&D Information Report, Missile Logistics, 1951-1959 [18 Pages, 1.71mb]
  7. RASCAL (Project MX-776), September 30, 1968 [76 Pages, 12.49mb]
  8. RASCAL (MX-776B) [130 Pages, 51mb]
  9. RASCAL: Air to Ground Guided Missile [94 Pages, 35.45mb]
  10. RASCAL Weapon System (Project MX-776) [80 Pages, 11.65mb]
  11. RASCAL Weekly Test Reports [220 Pages, 44.15mb]
  12. System 112A - Rascal Missile System [96 Pages, 36mb]
  13. System 112A - Quarterly Progress Report, 31 March 1957 [80 Pages, 41mb]
  14. System 112A - Quarterly Progress Report, 30 June 1957 [70 Pages, 10.5mb]
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The GAM-63 RASCAL Missile