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Stealth technology also known as LO technology (low observable technology) is a sub-discipline of military electronic countermeasures which covers a range of techniques used with aircraft, ships, submarines, and missiles, in order to make them less visible (ideally invisible) to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection methods.

Air Force Stealth Technology Review [53 Pages, 1.26mb]

Effects of Modern Technology on Airpower and Intelligence Support [49 Pages]

 JPRS Report, Science & Technology. China: Stealth/Counter-Stealth Research [29 Pages]

 Inside Logistics - Exploring The Heart of Logistics. Stealth Fighter Avionics [5 Pages]

 Stealth, the End of Dedicated Electronic Attack Aircraft [62 Pages]

 Stealth Employment in the Tactical Air Force (TAF). A Primer on its Doctrine and Operational Use, 21 Feb. 1992 [34 Pages, 1.23MB] - In 1976 the Air Force embarked upon a classified project to develop stealth technology and assess its feasibility. The F-117A stealth fighter program was subsequently approved and developed in secrecy until November 1988 when the existence of the stealth fighter was publicly acknowledged. A consequence of being a highly classified program involving a revolutionary technology was that relatively few people were aware of its existence, particularly those in the joint planning arena. As Desert Shield unfolded the mission of the F-117A became more apparent to joint planners, and much of its capabilities became unclassified when its performance was made public during Desert Storm. However, there still exists questions as to stealth's capabilities and how to integrate stealth technology into operational plans. This paper was written to provide an unclassified source of background information for the joint planner on stealth technology, specifically the F-117A. It provides a history of stealth development, a discussion of the roles and missions of the F- 117A and its performance during Desert Storm, an assessment of how stealth technology fits into Air Force aerospace doctrine, and a look at the next generation of stealth aircraft -- the F-22 advanced tactical fighter and the B-2 stealth bomber. It will serve as a reference for the joint planner to use when integrating stealth technology into operational plans for future conflicts.

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Stealth Technology