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This document describes a system designed to study the feasibility of augmenting tolerance to acceleration stress using external pressure pulsations synchronized to the electrocardiogram. The system, known as synchronized pulsating anti-gravity suit, consists of a modified G Suit, a controller and a pneumatic subsystem. The modified suit has individual bladders for calf, thigh, and abdomen with separate inlet/outlet ports. A microcomputer controls the synchronization, phasing and sequencing of pressure pulses in the bladders. Desired high and low pressures are obtained using feedback of pressure signals to a set of comparators. Solenoid valves and related circuitry regulate the flow of air in and out of the bladders. Results based on the centrifuge experiments suggest the feasibility of obtaining improved tolerance with a synchronized pulsating suit.


  1. A Pulsating Anti-Gravity Suit for Acceleration Protection: System Description and Preliminary Experiments, July 1986 [9 Pages, 2.67 MB]
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