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Vigilance From Above: Past, Present, and Future

The NRO has been intertwined with innovation since its inception. Formed in response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik, the NRO was secretly created on September 6, 1961 with the purpose of overseeing “all satellite and overflight reconnaissance projects whether overt or covert.” The existence of the organization is no longer classified today, but we’re still pressing to perform the functions necessary to keep American citizens safe. As the NRO mission states, we are relentlessly working to foster “Innovative Overhead Intelligence Systems for National Security.”

The below, are indexes to the videos that the NRO holds, along with as many declassified and released videos that The Black Vault has obtained.

 Index of videos at the NRO, as of August of 2009 [61 Pages, 12.35MB]

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NRO: On Orbit... On Watch
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