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The following collection consists of documents concerning the alleged attempts by Iraq to purchase uranium from Niger and the role played by Ambassador Joe Wilson.


  1. Niger/Iraq Uranium Story and Joe Wilson, 7/7/03 [534 Kb]
  2. Niger/Iraq Uranium Meeting CIA, 2/19/02 [206 Kb]
  3. Niger: Taking Another Hard Look at GON Uranium Sales, 7/19/02 [359 Kb]
  4. Niger: President Tandja Tells DCINC Niger's Uranium is Secure, 2/24/02 [319 Kb]
  5. Niger: Sale of Uranium to Iraq Is Unlikely, 3/1/02 [306 Kb]
  6. Niger - Sale of Uranium to Iraq Is Unlikely, 3/1/02 [95 Kb]
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NIGER/IRAQ Uranium Story and Ambassador Joe Wilson