Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

The following collection consists of documents concerning the alleged attempts by Iraq to purchase uranium from Niger and the role played by Ambassador Joe Wilson.


  1. Niger/Iraq Uranium Story and Joe Wilson, 7/7/03 [534 Kb]
  2. Niger/Iraq Uranium Meeting CIA, 2/19/02 [206 Kb]
  3. Niger: Taking Another Hard Look at GON Uranium Sales, 7/19/02 [359 Kb]
  4. Niger: President Tandja Tells DCINC Niger's Uranium is Secure, 2/24/02 [319 Kb]
  5. Niger: Sale of Uranium to Iraq Is Unlikely, 3/1/02 [306 Kb]
  6. Niger - Sale of Uranium to Iraq Is Unlikely, 3/1/02 [95 Kb]
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NIGER/IRAQ Uranium Story and Ambassador Joe Wilson