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A guided missile is a self-propelled projectile used as a weapon. Missiles are typically propelled by rockets or jet engines. Missiles generally have one or more explosive warheads, although other weapon types may also be used.

Below are relevent documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.


 Archie to Sam. A Short Operational history of Ground-Based Air Defense [308 Pages, 5.46MB] - Dr. Kenneth Werrell’s history of ground-based air defense performs an important service both to scholarship and, more importantly, to the defense of our nation’s freedom. It is perhaps human nature that we tend over time to lose sight of the lessons of the past, especially when they do not conform to certain cherished preconceptions of ours. That such myopia can be dangerous, if not downright disastrous, Dr. Werrell’s study richly illustrates. Without sentimentalism, he chronicles a pattern of lessons learned and too quickly forgotten as the marvel of air power was reminded again
and again of its limitations and vulnerability. In Korea and in Vietnam, the American people were stripped of their illusions of national and technical omnipotence. The unhappy outcome of those two conflicts was doubly lamentable because the lessons of World War II were—or should have
been—fresh in our minds. In that world war, as Dr. Werrell shows, relatively cheap ground-based air defense did make a difference: at Ploesti, at Antwerp, and at the Rhine bridges.

Ballistic Missiles

Air University Quarterly Review, The Air Force Ballistic Missile, vol. IX, No 3, 1957 [72 Pages, 32mb]

Ballistic Missile Defense Glossary v3.0 [323 Pages]

Preliminary Design Approach. Air-to-Surface Missile Strategic Weapon System [51 Pages, 2.48 MB] - After years of research, I found a document written by my grandfather, R.E. Greenewald.  Forever will his legacy be preserved now on the internet!


Foreign Missile Intelligence

The Weapon of Victory [11 Pages, 2.1mb]


Missile Defense

 Integrated Missile Warning/Mission Defense Advanced Concept Demonstration, 06/14/2004 [239 Pages, 0.6MB] - This document is nearly entirely redacted - but they sent nearly every page whited out citing FOIA exemption (b)(3).


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Missiles and Missile Defense