Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

The following documents are not categorized in their proper sub-category.  Until then, they will remain indexed here:

  1.  Are Observed White Areas on Mars Real [6 Pages]
  2.  Astrophysical Aspects of Cosmic-Ray Research (First 75 Years and Prospects for the Future) [95 Pages, 13.7mb]
  3.  Cassini Hazards to RTG Study
  4.  Computerized Atmospheric Trace Contaminant Simulation for Manned Spacecraft [173 Pages]
  5.  Design of a Manned Mars Mission Using IMPRESS Technology [66 Pages]
  6.  An Emergency Dental Kit Encasement for Use on Extraterrestrial Missions [19 Pages, 710kb] 
  7.  Energy from Space: A Look at a Problem 03 June 1993 [10 Pages, 5.85MB] 
  8.  Galactic Dark Matter and Terrestrial Periodicities [35 Pages]
  9.  Giant Comets, Evolution and Civilization [40 Pages]
  10.  Meteorological Survey of Mars For Opposition Years 1965 - 1995 [10 Pages]
  11.  Mission Analysis for the Mars 2007 Opportunity [236 Pages]
  12.  A Modular Architecture for Responsive Configuration of Satellite Autonomy [54 Pages, 4.57MB] 
  13.  Narrative Report on the Hazard to Civilization Due to Fireballs and Comets [26 Pages]
  14.  The Neutron Pile As a Tool in Quantitative Analysis; The Gallium and Palladium Contents of Iron Meteorites, 1948 [14 Pages, 1.74MB] - In recent years the science of meteoritics has come to be looked upon as a science of increasing importance, in large measure due to recognized bearing of meteorite information upon problems of astrophysical interest. In particular, it now appears-likely that an intensive study of the distribution of elements in meteorites will enable one to draw important conclusions concerning the structure of planets, the origin of our solar system, and the relative "cosmic" abundances of the chemical elements.
  15.  Observations of Planet Crossing Asteroids [9 Pages]
  16.  Predicting How Close Near-Earth Asteroids Will Come to Earth in the Next Five Years Using Only Kepler's Algorithm [45 Pages]
  17.  Report of the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization
  18.  Sherry on the Skylab? An interesting look at documents relating to wine on the Skylab. [22 Pages]
  19.  Space - A Collection of Articles [104 Pages, 5.49MB] - A collection of 5 Russian articles on Space, translated in 1963.  The articles include:
    • Interstellar Flights, by K. P. Stanyuk ovich and V. A. Bronshten
    • Creation of Habitable Medium in Future Space Flights of Man, byA. A. Nichiporovich
    • Astronautics and Extraterrestrial Civilizations, by V. I. Krasovskiy
    • Problems of Interstellar Communication, by G. Kokkori and F. Morrisons
    • Study of Interplanetary Gas and Ionospheres of Planets With the Help of Traps of Charged Particles, by K. I. Gringauz
  20.  Star Tek-Exploiting the Final Frontier: Counterspace Operations in 2025 [74 Pages]
  21.  Surface Characteristics of the Moon, Mars and Venus -- Anotated Bibliography [90 Pages, 2.45MB]
  22.  U.S. -Soviet Cooperation in Space [114 Pages]
  23.  USSR Report, Earth Sciences [71 Pages]
  24.  USSR Report, Space [244 Pages]
  25.  Various Methods of Perturbing Three Asteroids from an Earth-Impact Trajectory [61 Pages]
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