Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

The following documents are currently not categorized in their proper sub-category.  Until then, they will be indexed here.

  1. 1st Air Commando Group; Any Place, Any Time, Any Where [78 Pages]
  2. The 9th AustralianDivision Versusthe Africa Corps: An Infantry DivisionAgainst Tanks-Tobruk, Libya, 1941 [82 Pages]
  3. Air-Ground Teamwork on the Western Front [56 Pages]
  4. Air Power Versus U-Boats: Confronting Hitler's Submarine Menace in the European Theater [26 Pages]
  5. Airborne Assault on Holland [56 Pages]
  6. Airlift and airborne operations in World War II [55 Pages]
  7. The Amphibians Came to Conquer Volume I [626 Pages] - The development of amphibious doctrine, tactics, and techniques that defeated the Japanese in the Pacific
  8. The Amphibians Came to Conquer Volume II [696 Pages] - The development of amphibious doctrine, tactics, and techniques that defeated the Japanese in the Pacific
  9. 9 April 1940 German Invasion of Norway - The Dawn of Decisive Airpower during Joint Military Operations [45 Pages]
  10. An Army Air Corps Test of Strategic Air Power: Operation MATTERHORN and the B-29 Superfortress [38 Pages]
  11. Armored Forces [21 Pages] - Major General Heinz Guderian offers suggestions on employment of armor, aircraft and infantry together and the problems related to the use of such units
  12. Artillery in the Desert [126 Pages] - Insights on how the army adapted its operations to the realities of the North African desert in World War II
  13. Auschwitz and Anglo-American Air Power: Historical Debates and Military Capabilities [169 Pages]
  14. The Battle for Crete (Operation Mercury): An Operational Analysis [33 Pages]
  15. The Battle of Kursk: An Analysis of Strategic and Operational Principles [54 Pages]
  16. Coral & Brass [304 Pages] - Gen. Holland "Howlin' Mad" Smith points out mistakes experienced in the Pacific during WWII with a tribute to the Marines that served so gallantly with him
  17. Defending Hitler's Reich: German Ground-Based Air Defenses, 1914-1945 [595 Pages]
  18. The Development of German Defensive Tactics ln Cyrenaica, 1941 [72 Pages] - Discusses the principles the German Army learned about desert operations during their first months in North Africa
  19. Discussions of Operation Overlord and D-Day, 6 June 1944: The Plan [27 Pages]
  20. Downfall:StrategicPlan for Operations in the Japanese Archipelago [30 Pages] - Actual strategic plan for the conquest of Japan in WWII, replete with original directives and assumptions
  21. The Failure of German Logistics During the Ardennes Offensive of 1944 [129 Pages]
  22. Fighting on Guadalcanal [78 Pages] - "After-action report" on Marines and soldiers who fought and defeated the Japanese on Guadalcanal, critical learning experience for amphibious operations
  23. German Methods of Warfare in the LibyanDesert [54 Pages] - Addresses the unique aspects of desert operations that stem from heat and lack of moisture
  24. The German Tactical Doctrine [98 Pages]
  25. The History of the Medical Department of the United States Navy in World War II Volume I [246 Pages]
  26. The History of the Medical Department of the United States Navy in World War II Volume I [402 Pages]
  27. How the Japanese Army Fights [162 Pages]
  28. Jungle Warfare [107 Pages] - Marines' experiences in the Pacific jungles of the Philippines, Guadalcanal, Bougainville and others
  29. Joint Operations Case Study. Weseruebung Nord: Germany's Invasion of Norway, 1940 [62 Pages]
  30. Joint Publication Research Service Report, West Europe [49 Pages]
  31. Operational Leadership as Practiced by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel during the German Campaign in North Africa, 1941-1942: Success or failure? [32 Pages]
  32. Pearl Harbor: Failure of Intelligence? [100 Pages]
  33. Schwerpunkt: The Luftwaffe and the Applied Air Campaign in Europe (1943-1944) [45 Pages]
  34. Strategic Implications of the Battle of the Atlantic [26 Pages]
  36. Up From the Ashes: The Forging of the Seventh Air Force from the Ashes of Pearl Harbor to the Triumph of V-J Day [148 Pages]
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