Declassified Government Documents Available for Download

Many government agencies use MoUs to define a relationship between departments and agencies. For example, the NSA may have a MOU between it and the USAF for certain satellite data, ie; who owns the data.

Under the FOIA, you can ask for MOUs for different agencies.  Below, you will find those MOUs which have currently been obtained.


National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

  1. All NRO MOUs, through 2003 [86 Pages, 4.52mb]
  2. All NRO MOUs, 2003 - June 2009 [46 Pages, 1.63mb]
  3. All NRO MOUs, 2003 - June 2009 [18 Pages, 3.2mb] - Additional Release
  4. All NRO MOUs, 2003 - June 2009 [16 Pages, 3.2mb] - Additional Release
  5. All NRO MOUs with the HQ Air Force Materiel Command [7 Pages, 1.24mb]
  6. All NRO MOUs with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) [6 Pages, 1.24mb]
  7. All NRO MOUs with the Defense Contract Management Agency [5 Pages, 1.2mb]
  8. All NRO MOUs, through 2003 [86 Pages, 4.52mb]
  9. NRO MOU with the AFRICOM, 2008 [8 Pages, 970 kb] -
  10. NRO MOU with the Department of the Navy, undated [5 Pages, 423 kb] - Please note. MOU in poor condition, and looks exactly like how they sent it to me.
  11. NRO MOU with the Commander, National Air and Space Intelligence Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Base - "Anomaly Resolution Support" [5 Pages, 287 kb]- I filed an additional FOIA request for documents relating to this MOU... what "Anomaly Resolution Support" occurred between the two agencies, and I was denied access to all file.  Download the letter here.
  12.  NRO MOU with the National Geospacial-Intelligence Agency [8 Pages, 1.64MB] 
  13. NRO MOU with the Advanced Systems & Technology Directorate and the Naval Postgraduate School and the Air Force Institute of Technology on Sponsored Research - Also the NOU between the NRO and the Archiving of Office the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Records and Documents [12 Pages, 997 kb]
  14. NRO MOU with the National Security Agency's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity for Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Processing [5 Pages, 217 kb]
  15. NRO MOU with the Air Intelligence Agency on Equal Opportunity Complaints Processing and Reasonable Accommodation, 29 Oct 2004 [3 Pages, 217 kb]
  16. NRO MOU with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Director of Administration and Management, regarding the NRO use of the Washington Headquarters Services Local Registration AUthority Certification Practice Statements [5 Pages, 217 kb]


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  1. All NOAA MOUs as of June 2009 [98 Pages, 16.57mb] - Due to the volume of records, I obtained only the first 100 pages.
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Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)