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The fifth president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was internationally known for his use of chemical weapons in the 1980s against Iranian and Kurdish civilians during and after the Iran–Iraq War. In the 1980s he pursued an extensive biological weapons program and a nuclear weapons program, though no nuclear bomb was built.

President Bush said that the biggest regret of his presidency was "the intelligence failure" in Iraq, while the Senate Intelligence Committee found in 2008 that his administration "misrepresented the intelligence and the threat from Iraq". A key CIA informant in Iraq admitted that he lied about his allegations, "then watched in shock as it was used to justify the war".

The following is a list of documents pertaining to Iraq & Weapons of Mass Destriction (WMDs).

 Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq's WMD's - 30 September 2004 [ 248 Pages ]

 The Threat From Iraqii UAVs, March 3, 2003 [ 4 Pages, 0.6 MB ]


End of WMD Search - Iraq Survey Group Report

The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) was a fact-finding mission sent by the multinational force in Iraq after the 2003 invasion of Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction alleged to be possessed by Iraq that had been the main ostensible reason for the invasion. Its final report is commonly referred to as the Duelfer Report. It consisted of a 1,400-member international team organized by the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency to hunt for the alleged stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, including chemical and biological agents, and any supporting research programs and infrastructure that could be used to develop WMD.

Click here to read the Duelfer report's key findings (pdf)

Click here to read Vol. 1 of the report (pdf)

Click here to read Vol. 2 (pdf)

Click here to read Vol. 3 (pdf)

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Iraq & Weapons of Mass Destruction